Friday, June 15, 2012

First field recordings released on Bandcamp

In an era of music defined by studio recordings I am pleased to release the first of a series of CDs that capture the essential social contexts of Balinese gamelan. Unlike the last album these recordings are unaltered by mastering and may include environmental sounds from the ceremonies that called for the repertoire.

This first release surveys six distinct genres of gamelan from Buleleng, North Bali. This is an excellent way for a newcomer to sample a variety of traditional Balinese music, whether that's you or a friend. For details, samples, and a complete track listing please visit The sliding scale starts at $9 for download, $10 hardcopy. Folks earning $50k, please contribute $20.
Please comment about the music, including environmental sounds, here.

PS If you're still looking for last week's Gerantang/Rindik album, it's on the side navigation bar.

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