Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bandcamp goes swimmingly & first review

As the first week of Bandcamp sales comes to a pleasantly active close, I've made it a fair way down my laundry list of tasks and errands to bring Munduk music to the world. I was satisfied to send Pak Terip and his son home with over 80 CDs ready for sale to art-hungry tourists. I did reserve the compact printer-scanner and a surplus of labels and sleeves to continue my work here. Tripittaka.bandcamp.com grossed over $50 in five days!

 Some folks still prefer a hard copy audio CD. Thanks to my three housemates for letting me have the whole dining room table much more than 25% of the time.
A case of 100 for double the price of a case of 30? and yes, it's holding up the power adapter to the Singaporean printer.
I was super pleased to find not only that thin, glossy paper perfect for inserts, but with the appropriate settings the troublesome printer could turn out some much better-looking inserts than before. So if you weren't happy with your Indo-diy copy, you'll get much nicer ones for your loved ones if you order them now. Just donate by PayPal or Dwolla (top right).

I ran into my estranged art mom at the Grand Lake Theatre (he was going in, not I) and he immediately demanded if I was making art. I squirmed, squeaking that I was working on something (I am), but I got an encouraging mention in the transmasculine community's favorite nonfree zine. The latest issue of Original Plumbing was a party of performers. The reviewer (not an acquaintance) briefly described about half a dozen FTM musicians on one page. For my paragraph he drew heavily on my bio posted to the right, which I like -- that's why I keep a current bio posted.

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