Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home Theater Festival at the Intersection of Trash

This weekend I hosted a fun workshop/show in my bedroom. I've been interested in Americans' casual treatment of trash and waste of all kinds, and wanted to play with sounds that we regularly discard. I guided the small audience through a meditation on listening to "silence" and on freeing the movement of the body. Then they pulled prepared instructions from a gray bag at semi-random intervals and a wonderful piece ensued.

A great sheet of packaging paper was shaken and ripped, an analog phone was dismantled, crystal glasses and crude string instruments with bucket resonators were played in all manners. In this selection you can hear one member using a riding crop.

This is the full photo of visual responses the players left:

The light is poor now so I will add photos of the instruments made from trash later. I feel gratitude for the resplendent creativity shown by everyone present. I have heard that some attendees have listened with greater care and appreciation since the show, and hope to develop it for future audiences.

For more information about the festival, go to hometheaterfestival.com