Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Open letter to my representatives in government

You can write yours too! Many reps have forms on their websites instead of an email address. Go to for details.

Dear Mr President,

I continue to be impressed by the way you handle distractions from real issues. I support your continued attention to the shame of Guantanamo; controlling and regulating lethal weapons; and keeping efficiency and renewable energy options high-priority. I support your use of all executive powers to work around an extraordinarily obstructionist Congress and unjust campaign finance system.

I care about issues according to their impact on the world and people, not in proportion to media coverage. Your administration's candid acknowledgment of the impacts and limits of the drone program is a sign of your genuine commitment to virtue. I am writing to my representatives urging them to support your initiatives. Congressmembers' extraordinary truculence requires extraordinary means. I urge you to engage firmly with our priorities in your final term and beyond.

Qian Li