Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY - Doing it yourself

I want to give a shoutout for this simple but powerful TED talk about contributing to a world we want with the work of our own hands.

It's human to complain. I even take relief and joy in sharing a vent with a fellow discontent. But my deepest satisfaction is in getting something done, however imperfectly, finally and with certainty.  I feel this way about my latest stay in Indonesia, where I got a real taste of life there and decided I won't stay, and about the CD projects.

I wanted to share my passion for the less-known sounds of my teacher's music and I did. I wanted listeners to have an inkling of the complex, unfamiliar cultural context, and made interpretive jackets. Now I want you to have a space to share your reflections, disagreements, and additional observations of this music. Is the comment option space enough?

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