Friday, March 4, 2011

March 13 Home Theater Festival

I know you've all checked out the announcement a couple posts back, but I've finalized the lineup and, perhaps with most relevance, my performance. It starts at 1PM EDT. Yes, Daylight Savings Time!

Did you know songbird chicks produce a boggling array of sounds never heard from adults? And that physical touch contribute to babies' growth and well-being? I'm putting these ideas together for a new piece for full-contact violin to be premiered at Insofar as Context: Home Theater Festival Philadelphia.

Reply with your email or Facebook address for the venue location. $4.99-7.99 sliding scale, all proceeds go to performers, bring extra for donations.


  1. Maybe.

    I am free that day, but an out of town friend and new baby will be visiting, so their might be spontaneous gatherings.

  2. Oh, baby competition! My piece is dedicated to my housemates and their first baby, expected any day now.