Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thanks to you enthusiastic, responsive, inquisitive folks who made it to Percussing Difference Saturday. It was a complex machine to put together on my own, but I look forward to day- and weekend-long workshops in the future.

Special thanks to Matt Palmer and Abram Lipman for joining me onstage on short notice and to Gregory Holt and Kristel Baldoz for an astonishing dance. It's so satisfying to have both music and movement at last. I look forward to a performance with live music next chance we have a piano at the venue.

I treated myself to three days without internet or radio -- actually without any control over sound playback at all -- as the guest of a community member in Virginia and then a dear friend in DC. Moments of overwhelming environmental sound recalled Touch the Sound in which Evelyn Glennie describes sound overstimulation. My favorite sounds during the trip included sitting alone near the back of a local bus and realizing the emergency vehicle sirens I kept hearing were overtones from the engine filtered through the back vents, improvisation over Gregorian chant with my host, and tourists viewing cherry blossoms chattering in assorted languages.

Among things I forgot during the show was to announce my colleague's fundraiser (now passed) for the crisis in Japan. If you want to contribute, Makoto Hirano recommends this site.

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