Monday, March 14, 2011

Insofar as Context

My next post was going to include a link to a video of the pilot study for full-contact violin, but given my video editing woes (I run Linux on a 2007 Thinkpad) I thought I'd better just write something.

About 30 folks filled our playroom, and from different lifestyles and backgrounds like the artists. Joy Mariama Smith transformed our stairway into a luxurious bed, complete with distorted video projection of herself sleeping (sometimes with cat) while Gabe and Ben played a selection of lovingly crafted yet garage band style songs. I'm still waiting to see indee's dance performance on video, and missed Morgan's group theater game compositions while I changed before my piece. Morgan and I talked afterward, and having heard expressions of calming effects and intrigue from participants today, I imagine it was a brilliant shaping of personal sensory experiences.

I call the composition full-contact violin and yesterday's performance a pilot study because it was so rewarding to do that I intend to repeat it, with variations to the presentation in response to different spaces and audiences. You have to participate to experience the piece, but I'll post a trailer this week.

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