Monday, February 25, 2013

Creations from Gender Reel festival

As I mentioned in this post I gave the audience at the opening night of Gender Reel art supplies. Here's what I salvaged from their hands.

 Those little dangly bits on the sides of my pants were these (below) which an author taped to me. They themselves were torn strips of rubbing from a vent on the floor.

That last is with glitter paint, which, alas, got stuck to another page and obscured. The author kept the Arctic melt panic one, though I wish I could show you.

At my new job at the Exploratorium, a coworker noted that after telling a relative, not ordinarily keen on investigating natural phenomena, about patterns in sidewalk cracking, he reported being unable to walk anywhere in due time because he started to notice such cracks and had to stop to examine possible causes. While artists are not universally motivated by the urge to impact their consumers, even those who are often can't witness the impact. Hitting our palms together and even shouting only go so far -- sometimes the transformation carries on long after the house empties.

What were some of the important experiences that led to your habits or thought practices? Can you take the time to appreciate the people who made them

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