Saturday, May 12, 2012

New instrument factory

Yours for $326.63  not including S&H.
Finish optional (this is unfinished), paint and carving are additional.

Sometimes you make a new instrument and your apprentice makes a video of himself fooling around on it. I Made Terip custom made this particular 11-key model for a Parisian client seeking the baritone quality of West Bali jegog. It features the A#  major scale with lowered seventh (si). This is a diversion from both traditional jegog tuning, approximately A# - C - E - G#, and tingklik tuning, C# - D - E - G# - A.

Originating in North Bali, tingklik is often confused with suspended-key rindik or grantang. It is constructed with a row of flat bamboo or coconut shell keys resting on beams and affixed with one pin through a single hole in each key; a matching row of resonators, split along half to two-thirds of their lengths, sit parallel to and beneath the keys.

An advantage of this construction is its relative stability in temperate climates. As humidity and temperature reach extremes bamboo, like wood, stretches and shrinks, losing the keys' original fine tuning and even cracking, losing resonance altogether. The type of thick bamboo used here is most resistant to climatic change and locally called Petung Jenggot.

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